A simple webmail
Access your emails, without any setup or configuration. A simple URL or QR code and you read, reply, archive all your messages and contacts.

Mobile and intuitive
This webmail was designed and developed for use only on mobile phones or tablets with a touch screen navigation. Swip, punch, you will handle your email in a snap...

A webapp is universal
Add as many accounts as you want. This application allows you to view all your inboxes in a single interface.

Our mobile webmail is based on HTML 5 technology, it makes Motion compatible with all the latest devices technology on the market (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone…). Emails are accessible in real time on a platform customized with your brand.

Plug & Play
Alinto Motion automatically fit in your existing installation. You choose the hosting: in your infrastructure, in PaaS, SaaS or the cloud of your choice.


Alinto Motion connects to all IMAP servers regardless of the security strategy used (SSL / TLS). Its avoid you opening the POP and IMAP protocols on the Internet. You secure your BYOD policy by limiting the spread of your data.

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